Exoskeleton and food from a 3D printer: technologies that already work.

Even 20 years ago, even in the wildest dreams, it was impossible to imagine those technologies that are actively developing and being introduced into our practical experience today. The future is already with us.

Unmanned vehicles

How do you like the idea of ​​getting in the car and, while you are having a snack or watching the series, present him with the opportunity to bring you to your destination himself? Experts believe that in 2 years, 10 million self-driving cars will appear on the roads, and the developed countries of Europe will completely abandon classic vehicles by 2050.

Robots are advancing: what is artificial intelligence capable of?

The technology, which has long been studied and implemented by large giants (such as Ford, Nissan, Volvo, Volkswagen), is developing at a tremendous pace. It will allow not only to move away from manual regulation, but also to reduce the number of road accidents by 90%, reduce congestion. A future in which the roads will be filled with completely self-contained vehicles controlled by computers is getting closer every year. Classic cars will soon become as outdated as horse carts a century ago.


Burst into the sky at the speed of sound, move to any place on the planet, fly without being on board. This is not a retelling of "Iron Man", but the future, which is on the threshold of the here and now. The exoskeleton realizes all dreams - a robotic suit that complements the physical capabilities of a person and in many ways surpasses them.

The design is based on chains of links and strength joints. They are fixed to the joints of a person, as if continuing them, and are controlled by computer equipment. Now these are clumsy and heavy devices. But in the future they will become more natural, lighter and easier to use, tight-fitting to the body, like artificial leather.

Exoskeletons are already being used for medical purposes. For example, the ReWalk project, which allows people with paralyzed legs to stand and move independently. The design is equipped with special sensors that scan the human body and ensure its balance and stability while walking. In the military field, exoskeletons are used to improve muscle strength.

3D printing food

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The use of 3D printing technology opens up tremendous opportunities for creating food in unlimited quantities in a short time. There are already devices on the market that make dishes from freeze-dried products, for example, the Foodini printer from Natural Machines. The result is a finished food product, the composition of which includes nutrients and useful microelements.

Printed food can be steamed, oven-baked, or pan-fried. The most interesting thing is that it is possible to set such food settings as calorie content, a set of vitamins before the production of the finished 3D product.

Biometric payments

Making payments using fingerprint information is already commonplace, but technology is not standing still. For example, at the end of last year, Otkritie Bank was the first in the world to introduce the function of transferring money by photo: instead of filling in a bunch of data about the recipient, you simply attach his photo. The scanner analyzes and recognizes the image and transfers the money if the recipient is successfully identified. The person only has to choose his card, enter the amount and receive them.

Virtual and Augmented Reality ( VR and AR )

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The two technologies are similar, but not identical. Virtual reality implies a completely unreal world with objects created by software. Wearing a VR headset, you will find yourself in an artificial fantasy environment.

Currently, the technology is used in many industries - education, medicine, design and, of course, in games. The pace of development of modern technologies is such that it remains only to envy ourselves: in 10 years we will live in a completely different world and such technologies will enter our daily life that we could only dream of.

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